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Army Officer Insight Day

By Staff Cadet CSM E Taylor

Army Officer Insight Day

16 April 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

On the 12th April 2023 I visited the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for an Army Officers Insight Day.

The RMAS is where the British Army trains Officers who are both regular and reserves, preparing them to take on the responsibility of leading their soldiers.

Upon arriving to The Academy, I was able to learn about different regiments, and pathways to becoming an officer, before being given a welcome brief and escorted to the parade stands.

During the visit I was lucky enough to watch the Commandants parade of Commissioning Course 222, which was their final practice before the Sovereigns Parade on the 14th during which they were inspected by His Majesty the King, and also presented with a new Sovereigns banner and Colours.

The Sovereigns parade happens at the end of every term, and it is the passing out of Officer Cadets who have completed their Commissioning Course. During the ceremony, awards are presented for the highest performing cadets, including the Sword of Honour, the Overseas Sword, and the queens award. The parade ends with the Adjutant riding their horse up the Old College steps, following the graduating Officer Cadets.

We were given a tour of the academy, including the library, and gym and throughout the day there were many opportunities to talk to a range of people, including serving officers, and cadets who shared their pathways and experiences.

At the end of the day, there was a final presentation, which covered the Commissioning Course and selection process, with opportunities to ask any question at the end.

The day and people that I met were incredibly inspiring and gave me an insight on what life is like as an officer, the competitive recruitment process, intensive training and requirements for prospective applicants.

I would highly recommend anyone with an interest in becoming a Regular or Reserve Officer attends an insight day if they have the opportunity to.

  • CSM Taylor
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