Grimsby mosque

An engaging visit

Humberside & South Yorkshire ACF engagement team meet with local Islamic Community. - By Capt V Brooks

An engaging visit

28 April 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

On April 28th, Lieutenant Colonel Mike Smith and Captain Vicki Brooks of the Humberside and South Yorkshire Army Cadet Force (ACF) Engagement Team visited the Grimsby Central Mosque as part of their efforts to engage with the Islamic communities within the County footprint.

The meeting was aimed at breaking down barriers and building relationships between the ACF and the Islamic community in Grimsby. The visit was warmly welcomed by the mosque officials, who appreciated the effort made by the ACF to reach out to them.

During the visit, Lt Col Smith and Capt Brooks took the opportunity to learn more about the Islamic faith and culture. They were also able to participate in discussions with the mosque officials and members of the community about their concerns and needs.

"This was a great opportunity to build bridges and promote understanding between the ACF and the Islamic community," said Lt Col Smith. "We are committed to working together to break down barriers and promote unity and harmony." He went on to say: "It was a privilege to visit the Grimsby Central Mosque and to meet such welcoming and hospitable people. We learned a lot about the Islamic faith and culture, and we look forward to continuing to build relationships with the Islamic community in Grimsby, and hosting community leaders at the local detachment in the coming months."

The ACF engagement team's visit to the Grimsby Central Mosque is part of a wider effort by the organisation to engage with wider communities across the County Footprint. The ACF believes that building relationships and understanding between different groups is essential for promoting unity and harmony in society.