Ambulance Crew Visit St Neots Detachment

Ambulance Crew Visit St Neots Detachment

22 September 2022

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

An ambulance crew from East of England Ambulance Service visited St Neots Detachment on 7th September, to provide an extremely interesting evening of first aid training to the cadets and tell them more about careers with the ambulance service.

6 D2 A5739

Giving CPR.

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) Matt Morton-Withers and Rob Raynsford gave up their own time to visit the Detachment. They started with a presentation on the qualifications needed to be an EMT, as well as the courses needed to qualify for the role.

6 D2 A5755

Rob Raynsford with SSI Irving.

The cadets were given refresher training on DRABC (Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing, Circulation), calling 999 and giving other emergency treatment. They were also given a scenario in which they came across an unconscious person and had to perform CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation). After this, they were shown the I-gel, an emergency device for clearing a person’s airway and helping them breath. The cadets took part in these activities with enthusiasm and the EMTs praised their good communication skills.

6 D2 A5771

Cadets in the ambulance.

Both EMTs were very frank about the harrowing aspects of their job and its emotional toll, but also very upbeat about the work they do, describing it as ‘a job for life’, detailing the varied, interesting nature of the work, the new skills and knowledge they obtain, and the many lives they save.

In the second half of the evening the EMTs showed the interior of the ambulance and explained the function of various pieces of equipment, including the need for helmets when operating in dangerous environments such as the interior of a crushed car. The cadets were then given the chance to climb inside and see it all up close.

6 D2 A5789

The Detachment expressing its thanks to the EMTs.

The cadets engaged extremely well with the visitors and the tasks they set. Matt Morton-Withers said; ‘It was good to be able to show the cadets what we do, and to increase their confidence with giving life-saving treatment themselves. They have been really good, really interested.’ Rob Raynsford added; ‘It has helped develop their understanding of first aid and the role of an EMT. Its important we talk to the cadets because they are the future.’

6 D2 A5786

St Neots Cadets with the visitors.

Text and photos by SI Doug Stuart