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Alpha Trophy 2022

A Company Christmas Camp - by SI C Fleming

Alpha Trophy 2022

14 December 2022

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

This year was our biggest turnout in a few years having 130+ cadets attending the 2022 inter detachment competition!

Most cadets were part of 2nd Lieutenant Mead's basic platoon competition, whilst the rest made up teams of 8 that represented their detachment in the Alpha Trophy competition.

With a total of 10 stands, including Drill, Navigation, First aid, Command task, Signals, DCCT, Observation, OC's Stand, SOT stand and the talent show, each team took part in these challenges and competed to gain points to become this year's champion detachment, Alpha Trophy Winners!

On Saturday morning all detachments raced to their first to begin the challenges.

The Basics we're split into their coloured teams so they could also compete for the champion colour!

On Saturday evening, cadets participated in their final stand of the day, the Talent Show! With some creative, funny and certainly entertaining contestants, second place went to Withernsea Detachment who preformed a magic show that had the OC stunned!

First place went to Beverly Detachment who had the audience in a standing ovation with their comically emotional rendition of Romeo and Juliet.

Sunday morning teams participated in their final stands, the DCCT and the Drill Competition. Whilst the basics were finishing off with their own Drill Competition and firing on the range.

This year our teams were certainly competitive and everyone put 110% effort into everything they faced. Well done to everyone who participated!

East Hull certainly dominated this year's competition and has proved that hard work and determination pays off! All cadets and adult volunteers have left with smiles on their face and are looking forward to Alpha Trophy 2023!

We also bid farewell to our senior cadet, Sgt Harrison who was marched out by the Company after handing her duties over to Sgt Sheapardson.

The Winners:

Basic Champion Colour 2022 -

Orange Team

Best Basic Cadet -

Cdt Phillipi (Mona House Detachment)

Best Basic Shot -

Cdt Cook (Beverly Detachment)

Best Shot 2022 - L

Cpl Cherry (East Hull Detachment)

Overall Best Shooters 2022 -

East Hull Detachment

Alpha Trophy Runners Up 2022 -

Withernsea Detachment

Inter Detatchment Drill Competition 2022 -

East Hull Detachment

Overall Alpha Trophy Winners 2022 -

East Hull Detachment

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