Albuhera January Challenge

And the results are in

Albuhera January Challenge

12 March 2021

  • Clwyd And Gwynedd ACF
Albuhera 100km Challenge

Cadets and Adults from across Albuhera Company took part in the January 100km challenge. This was a personal challenge to reach 100km via Cycling, Swimming, Running or Walking.

Capt Dan Jones - Company Second in Command reported “As a group, we walked, ran and cycled over 1800km - that’s like walking from Wrexham to Barcelona! (Excluding the wet bit). What a fantastic achievement! Eleven Company members managed to meet the 100km during January, with Emily Nicholls totaling a fantastic 238.89km and Ethan Thompson 231.40km - we've clearly got some great athletes. “

Company Commander Andrea Burton posted “Thank you Captain Jones for all your work in organising this. Congratulations to all who took part. Keep up the good work.” Adding “I personally enjoyed the challenge and am doing my best to keep going.”

All those who completed the challenge received a commemorative coin.

Albuhera 100km Challenge Coin