Cadet C Sgt Bates 2

After 5 years as a Cadet - Cadet Colour Sergeant Bates…

After 5 years as a Cadet - Cadet Colour Sergeant Bates reaches 18 & leaves to study medicine

7 December 2021

  • Greater Manchester ACF

2Lt Ian Mundey – Detachment Commander Rochdale, No 1(Minden) Company

The evening marked the end of Cadet Colour Sergeant Bates’ time with the cadets as he reached the age of 18 on 2 Dec 2021. Colour Bates joined Rochdale Detachment in Nov 2016 at the age of 13 and during his 5 years with the Cadets he consistently upheld the values and standards of the ACF, he has never missed a camp or parade with his detachment and during lockdown he assisted the staff with virtual training. Since I became Detachment Commander at Rochdale in 2020, he has, in his role as Senior Cadet, been invaluable using his leadership skills, experience and knowledge. He now aims to study medicine but will be sorely missed by all at Rochdale and No 1(Minden) Company.

Gifts were presented as a thank you which included a framed certificate, his service record, record of achievement and a personalised mug. Cadet Colour Sgt Bates’ mum and dad attended to watch the presentation.

All the staff and cadets wish Cadet Colour Sergeant Bates all the best with his future endeavours.

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