Adult Training Weekend

Adult Training Weekend

30 January 2022

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

We have just completed the first of our (planned) twice-yearly adult training weekends. Around 30 Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs) attended the course at the Cadet Training Centre, Waterbeach, to take part in a packed series of training activities.

Colonel Deacon delivers a briefing. Picture; SI Doug Stuart

Cambs ACF makes adult training a top priority, as we recognise that having highly trained, skilled and motivated CFAVs lies at the heart of all our activities. These training weekends will seek to build on the superb team we already have, ensuring that everyone is up to date, and full of enthusiasm to pass on their skills and continue to inspire our cadets.

Trainee instructors Rachel Williams (left) and Eleanor Lowe try out their newly constructed basha. Picture: SI Doug Stuart

Arriving on Friday evening 28th January, the CFAVs were first briefed by The Commandant, Deputy Commandant (Adults) and our Regimental Sergeant Major (RSMI). 3 Coy Training Officer Lt Vicky Houghton then briefed everybody on changes to the Army Cadet syllabus.

Lt Richard Nicholson gives a talk on the new requirements needed to pass the Officer Selection Board. Pictures: Doug Stuart

The top priority was to ensure essential qualifications, that had expired, were up to date. This included Weapons Handling Tests (WHT) with the Scorpion Air Rifle and the L98A2 rifle, adult radio user qualifications, and safeguarding. Lectures were delivered on a variety of subjects, including correct refilling procedure for the air rifles, the use of our IT system, the shooting syllabus, teaching and learning strategies and advice was given to potential new officers.

SSI Swadling provides entertainment (and teaching!) to the new Probationary Instructors, demonstrating the contents of an Army ration pack. Picture; SI Doug Stuart

On Saturday afternoon, newly created Cadet Force Warrants were presented to RSMI Pete Hockey, SMI Carol Jones, SMI Vince Moody, SMI Andrew Mackenzie and SMI Gemma Offer.

SMI Gemma Offer receives her Warrant. Picture: Doug Stuart

Some of the most interesting activities were laid on for the trainee Probationary Instructors (PIs), taught by Major Bob Stewart and SSI Phil Swadling, who both ensured the classes were lively and fun. As well as attending many of the lectures, they received training on fieldcraft including cooking in the field, setting up a basha (tent) and evacuating casualties.

RSMI Hockey delivers training on Teaching and Learning Strategies, and the importance of creating group profiles to ensure our teaching is tailored to meet the needs of our cadets. Picture: Doug Stuart

PI Eleanor Lowe said; ‘It was really good to see everybody learning together, and to meet new people. I’m really pleased to see how everyone is continuing to learn, even after their initial training has finished.’ PI Eric Nimakoh said: ‘I really enjoyed it, being from a non-military background I found it surprising and really interesting. I enjoyed everything, and I liked the food!’

Adult Training Officer SSI Swadling, left, and PI Nimakoh. Pictue; SI Doug Stuart

It proved to be a really enjoyable weekend, with lively evenings in the mess, lots of laughter and with positive feedback being delivered across the board.

Lt Protacio completes a Weapons Handling Test under the supervision of Colour Serjeant Bayliss. Picture: Doug Stuart

Our Commandant, Colonel Deacon, said: ‘I would like to thank everybody for their effort and commitment that has made this weekend such a success. The development and upskilling of all CFAVs is a priority; not only to ensure they have the qualifications needed to offer the wider cadet experience, but also to allow individuals to improve their professional opportunities outside the ACF.’

Text by SI Doug Stuart