Adult Training at Annual Camp

Adult Training at Annual Camp

26 July 2021

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

This year's unusual format for Annual Camp has made it easier for our adult instructors to get involved in the activities they teach or help supervise. Saturday 24th and Monday 26th have been for the adults only- to get a chance to see the activities from the cadet's perspective, and to have a great deal of fun as well!

Adults from across the Companies were joined by County staff in participating in motorcycling, archery, clay shooting, laser games, paintballing and navigation. Our Probationary Instructors will receive training throughout the whole week in fieldcraft and navigation, with the aim to prepare them for the Advanced Instructors Course later in the year.

Sgt Emily White and Lt John Blundell during the laser games. Picture: PI Stuart

Lt Cook and PI Sheffield dispute which is the correct direction during a navigation excercise! Picture: PI Stuart

Lt Kate Blundell and SSI Nathan Drummond remove arrows from a target after an archery session. Picture: PI Doug Stuart

Adult Instructors took the opportunity to ensure they are up to date with Weapons Handling Tests (WHTs). Here WHTs are carried out with the Scorpion Air Rifle. Picture: Doug Stuart.

Lt John Blundell tries out one of the motorcycles. Picture: Doug Stuart.

Adult Intructors pose on the obstacle course. Picture: PI Doug Stuart.

Sgt Emily White on the clay pigeon range. Picture: Doug Stuart.

Sgt Pavitt and Sgt Hughes. Pictures: PI Doug Stuart.

Trainee instructors PI Webster and PI Sheffield take part in a paintballing excercise. Picture: PI Doug Stuart

PI Webster delivers a practice lesson. The ACF places great emphasis on training its instructors to be great teachers. Picture: PI Doug Stuart