Adult Seminar 5th February 2022

Royal County of Berkshire ACF held it's Adult Seminar, a day packed of briefings, updates and awards.

Adult Seminar 5th February 2022

6 February 2022

  • Royal County Of Berkshire ACF

The Commandant Colonel Owen Williams invited all the Adult Volunteers to attend a Seminar held at their County Cadet Training Centre.

The day was jam packed with briefings on up coming important changes within the Army Cadets along with reports from the subject matter experts with regards to Communication (signals), First Aid, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Btec, Sports, Recruitment & Music. There was information about Annual Camps, all of which is really important for training young people and deliver the Cadet Experience.

To top off the day, there was some well earned promotions:

Lt Jalisi - Medical Support Officer promoted to Captain for his work as the medical specialist within the Royal County of Berkshire.

Lt McEndoo - Assisting Medial Support Officer promoted to Captain, not only for her work as AMSO but for delivering ALL first aid to Cadets and Adults throughout the Royal County of Berkshire ACF.

Lt McNally - Duke of Edinburgh Officer promoted to Captain for all her work ensuring that young people have access to the DofE and achieve their awards.

2nd Lt Adrian Jasper - Awarded his commissioning scroll on successfully completing Officer Selection.

SSI Lewis George Vaughan - Promoted to Sergeant Major Instructor, currently the Royal of Berkshire's Sports Officer, Lewis has a proven track record of promoting Sports within the County and has been 8 Platoon Reading's Detachment Commander, now full time Sports Officer.

SSI Christopher Black - Awarded his Long Service Medal, 12 years of service to the Army Cadets, a huge congratulations.

  • Sam capt

    Promotion to Captain - Sam McEndoo

  • Laura capt

    Promotion to Captain - Laura McNally

  • Adi commisioning

    Commissioning Scroll - 2Lt Adrian Jasper

  • Lewis smi

    Promotion to Sergeant Major Instructor Lewis…

  • Chris Black medal

    Long Service Medal - SSI Christopher Black

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