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Adult Promotions!

It is with greatest congratulations that we announce the promotion of SI Kerris Drew to Staff Sergeant Instructor.

Adult Promotions!

9 June 2021

  • Gwent And Powys ACF

SSI Drew joined the ACF in March 2017 and was a complete novice to military ways. She began her career as a non-uniformed volunteer, and was soon persuaded to join the ranks as a CFAV, which she did in early 2018. SSI Drew was a very active member of the team at Cwmbran Detachment, where she developed her teaching skills and passed her AIC in November 2018: quite an achievement given the limited military experience that she started with. She has gone from strength to strength and was posted to Raglan Barracks in 2019.SSI Drew passed her ALM course in 2019 and continued to develop her skills under the watchful eye of SMI Harris. She has supported annual camps, the junior training company weekends as well as being an instructor at detachment level. SSI Drew has also supported the County in wider events, such as recruitment drives, shows and open days, and has taken part in a battlefield tour working with other counties.As well as the recent promotion, SSI Drew has been posted as Detachment Commander of Rhiwderin detachment. Our congratulations on both events and we all wish you every success in the future.