Adult Instructor Uses First Aid Skills To Help Public.

SI Will Maynard used his first aid skills to come to the aid of a gentleman, who was having a seizure.

Adult Instructor Uses First Aid Skills To Help Public.

3 July 2021

  • Derbyshire ACF

Late yesterday evening, we were informed that one of our Adult Instructors had performed first aid during the day to a man who was having a seizure.

After initially thinking the man had fallen over, SI Maynard, Detachment Commander of Belper Detachment, C Company, carried out a primary survey realising the man was having a seizure. The man was breathing so SI Maynard rang 999 for an ambulance without hesitation, explaining clearly the situation and the location of the incident.

Furthermore, SI Maynard found out the gentleman was Type 2 Diabetic and had the onset of Parkinson's Disease. SI Maynard kept the casualty comfortable with the help of an advanced practitioner who happened to be passing by. The first responder quickly arrived, to which SI Maynard handed over information regarding the man's age, condition and medical history.

A huge well done to SI Maynard, your efforts in this situation were remarkable and just goes to show the impact the Army Cadet Force can have on adult instructors and cadets.

SI Will Maynard

"Without the Army Cadet Force's first aid training I would have been a crumbling mess, however due to the training I've received, I managed to stay calm, mature and professional to give the man the help he needed."

SI Will Maynard. Detachment Commander, Belper Detachment.

Well done SI Maynard. An excellent example of the life skills the Army Cadet Force can offer individuals.

Lt Col Burt. Deputy Commandant - Non Military.