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A visit to the European Islamic Centre for Oldham Detachment

A visit to the European Islamic Centre for Oldham Detachment

25 September 2019

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SSI Debbie Callaghan PRO, Greater Manchester ACF

SI Sajid Hussain from Oldham Detachment, No 2 (Kohima) Company, has been working closely with the European Islamic Centre to encourage the young people, attending the centre, to join the ACF. Through this great work the invitation was given and accepted by SSI Ryan Gemmel, Detachment Commander of Oldham Detachment to attend and give a talk on Greater Manchester ACF. PI Hollie MacInnes also went along.

SSI Gemmel spoke at length with the young people who were interested in hearing about the Army Cadets. Lots of questions were asked by them and several shown an interest in joining.

SI Hussain is also a member of the European Islamic Centre and after the Maghrib prayer (this is one of the five daily prayers practiced by Muslims) SI Hussain spoke to the congregation about the values and standards of the Army Cadets and how many of the values that Muslims believe are very similar or even the same as we teach in Greater Manchester ACF.

After the talks a tour of the centre was given by Mr Osmond Rowe who is the Caretaker and Head of Security. We also had the pleasure of speaking to the Branch President Mr Sajad Hussain and the Head Imam, Maulana Muhammad Iqbal. During the tour we was shown all the different areas which included the classrooms, the Food Hub for any person or family that is in need. The food hub is stocked from the kind donations of the Muslims attending the centre and is open to anyone regardless of faith or no faith. We were also shown the recreation room used by the young people which had gym equipment and games tables. A fantastic centre for all.

We were invited to return to have regular visibility in the centre as this way it was thought that the young people would be more encouraged to join the ACF.

A brilliant idea and one that SSI Gemmel said he will certainly aim to facilitate with the help of others from across the county.