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A Sennybridge Shoot!

Last weekend, Cadets from across Wales met at Sennybridge Training Camp for a day of shooting organised by 160 Brigade.

A Sennybridge Shoot!

17 July 2021

  • Gwent And Powys ACF

This is one of the first inter-county events that has been held since restrictions have begun to ease, and the cadets thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to take part in something different. Of course, Covid-19 policy was fully adhered to, with testing, training bubbles, social distancing and the such like all in place and closely monitored.

The next training event will take place in September, and those cadets that are selected will have the opportunity to represent their county in the National Championships at Bisley, the ‘home of shooting’, in October - what an amazing opportunity!

The cadets and adults attending the event were treated to meals provided by 104 Field Kitchen, something that is an incredibly popular option as everyone knows just how delicious it is. The description ‘lush’ was hear many times!

Of course, the behaviour of the Gwent and Powys cadets was exemplary as we would expect! Competitive, sportsmanlike and a delight to be around. They always do us proud and we would never expect anything less!

We would like to offer a huge thank you to the organisers of the event, the adults who gave up their time to train, transport and supervise the youngsters and of course, everyone from 104 Field Kitchen! We look forward to the next event!