A message from the Padre.

Our Padre as given a few inspirational words.

A message from the Padre.

22 February 2021

  • Nottinghamshire ACF

Our Padre took some time from his very busy schedule, to give an uplifting few words of comfort in these strange times.

Padre Massey has been with Nottinghamshire ACF since 2011, in which he has been to many camps and events, truly dedicated to the young cadets and adults alike always someone to go to when times have been hard, from a first nervous camp to just a chat, his full time parish in Cotgrave, Nottingham, keeps him busy with is parishioners, attending to his flock with the sharing the same compassion he has with them to the County in visiting detachments when he could, also getting involved as much as possible.

Annual Camps as always been a fun time for the cadets and Padre Massey takes a samll service whilst the cadets are on exercise, again with motivational words so please take the time to listen to his words.

Padre's Message.