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A film crew in Friday Woods

As our Cadets from A Coy enjoyed their second day in the field, a fleet of hired vans drove over the horizon. Was it an enemy force? No, it's a film crew!

A film crew in Friday Woods

26 July 2021

  • Essex ACF

A film crew appeared in Friday Woods this morning as the Cadets of A Company were moving out from their harbour area.

The film crew were there ahead of a special visit, as none other than ACF ambassador Mr Jordan Wylie, the award-winning adventurer had popped in to see what the cadets were doing.

We hope to have a special report from an A Company cadet about what happened in the field later this week.

After chatting with our cadets Mr Wylie went on to talk to our new instructors on their Initial Instructor cadre. Where he spoke to the officers running the course as well as the students. He was joined by HQ Army Cadets, who are filming for an upcoming Army Cadet documentary. We will be catching up in more detail with our IIC later in the week.

As well as the visit from Jordan, we also had cadets on the range at Merville Baracks, more action on the water in Suffolk and cadets mountain biking in the 400 acres of parkland near Alton Waters. Plus more consolidation training for both the Sergeant's Cadre at Colchester and for the company bubble cadres at locations across Essex. It's been a sunny day for the most part, with more clear skies expected tomorrow.

Check back with us tomorrow night to hear about our 3rd full day of training and if you are out at camp with us make sure you drink plenty of fluids!

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    On Set at Colchester with SMI Elliot and Jordan

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    Jordan and the IIC in the field

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    Lights camera action

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    Company level field training

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    Ready to shoot

  • 223813578 10157905761401671 4303616239636766745 n

    Some Shooting on the 25 metre Barrack range

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    Our IIC On parade at Colchester

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    Mr Jordan Wylie talks to our new instructors

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