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A fantastic Achievement - 100km for 100 years

A fantastic Achievement - 100km for 100 years

17 May 2021

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SSI Debbie Callaghan, County PRO Greater Manchester

Whilst I am writing this, I am feeling even more proud to be part of the Army Cadet Family. Walking the distance you have to raise the money that you have so far, for two charities, is amazing. Well done everyone.

It was great to follow the long walk of our 5 amazing adult volunteers via SI Sean Crompton’ WhatsApp; where he sent me his live location. It was amazing to see each area they covered.

When speaking to SI Crompton he said “We arrived at the National Memorial Arboretum at around 3pm which missed our original target time, but this was due to going over our target distance. I got home around 6pm yesterday with my feet feeling a little tired and a lot blistered with my first thought being, I’m in work tomorrow (today) which footwear will I need, trainers or flip flops.”

SI Fiona Shorthouse who took the lead in organising the walk shared her thoughts. “Walking through the gates into the National Memorial Arboretum and being met by friends and family was the best feeling in the world. We were all exhausted and suffering with our feet, but we were so happy to have made it. The amount we raised just keeps increasing and we are delighted to have smashed our target. To those who came out to meet us along the way and those who spurred us on from home with their messages of support we are eternally grateful. It was a mammoth task, and to achieve it has brought us ever closer together. This is an achievement that none of us will forget.

We would like to say special thanks to the New Broom Pub and Campsite in Uttoxeter for letting our support vehicles and drivers stay overnight for free, allowing them chance for some much-needed rest. Also, to the Unicorn Inn, Wilmslow for their refreshments as we passed them. Special thanks also to Lt Jordan Battye and Capt Wayne Harrison, who went out of their way and met us in Stoke on Trent with a fresh supply of tea and coffee, at 01:30 in the morning!

To the Team, and every single person who has supported or assisted us. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!”

A message from Major Rob MacDonald, Company Commander, No 5 (Anzio) Company. “Fantastic effort! I am really pleased with the staff from the company who took part in the 100k plus walk to raise funds for the Royal British Legion and Young Minds. I am an experienced distance walker, so I can say this is an exceptional and difficult accomplishment. Only they will know the effort they gave. Well done and thanks to the support staff who also stayed with them from the start of 6am on Saturday to 3pm on Sunday then helping to drive them home”.

The final words came from the Commandant, Col Catherine Harrison. “Whilst this was not a cadet activity, I wish to commend all the team members for their actions in giving their time to raise money for two great charities. You walked with the force of Greater Manchester ACF behind you, A Force for Good. Thank you”.

Thank you to the walkers:

Capt Chris Townson

SI Fiona Shorthouse

SI Sean Crompton

SI Alex Vargas

SI Ak Crockett

Support Staff:

SMI Ian Mackie

SI Christine Berry

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