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A day on the lake

Cadet Rudge from Colchester detachment D Company shares hee experiences from Adventure training on the Lake at Bewl Water during AC22

A day on the lake

11 August 2022

  • Essex ACF

The days water activity’s at Bewl Water started off with kayaking.

After being kitted out with a buoyancy aid and showed the basic paddle strokes we launched off in to lake once we were far enough out from shore we began our activities and challenges!

The first activity was a water-bound game of bulldog, many other games and challenges followed.

There was never a boring second out on the water. Staff made sure that if we stayed still for too long we would be dunked in, (although when we were dunked in it was very refreshing on a hot day of 28*)

After a mooring of paddling achy arms were revived with during a lunch under shade on the banks of the beautiful lake.

Chicken tikka wraps were the order of the day for lunch with snacks also included in the mystery bag.

After lunch we switched over to Paddle Boarding we could soon learn who did and who didn’t have a lot of balance! 'Floating Yoga' was one activity that’s was very relaxing on the water with the Sun shining all day of course staff made sure we were covered from head to toe in suncream.

Towards the end of the session we took turns at trying to 'HeadStand' on the paddle board, this had varying degrees of success!

All in all an enjoyable day was had on the water. making today at camp feel more like a holiday!

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