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"A" Company's May Magic

"A" Company's May Magic Field Craft Weekend

"A" Company's May Magic

23 May 2022

  • Suffolk ACF
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Cadet Sgt Dominic Smith

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Cadet Sgt Ruby Rusdale

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Cadet Sgt Jamie Thompson

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Cadet L/Cpl Liam Curtis

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Cadet L/Cpl Laila Grimsey

"A" Company's Exercise May Magic

"A" Company spent the weekend on Stanta, sleeping out on the training area, training and practicing their field craft skills as well as some first aid skills. The cadets were split into their training groups, Basic, 1 Star, 2 & 3 Stars. The Cadets conducted a night exercise on the Saturday evening, with a final exercise on Sunday morning, then recovering back to the cadet training centre at Thetford.

On final parade, Cadet Sgt Dominic Smith received his 4 star certificate and badge from OC "A" Company designate Captain Rhind.

The following promotions took place by Captain Rhind: L/Cpl L Grimsey BSE, L/Cpl L Curtis Mildenhall, Sgt R Rusdale Mildenhall, Sgt J Thompson Stowmarket.

Congratulations to all.The CSM Lee Elingham was presented his First Aid at Work Certificate by Captain Rhind, Well done CSM!

Big thanks to all the CFAV's and cadets who attended the event!

SMI John Tillotson