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Cadet Training

A company

23 August 2021

  • Nottinghamshire ACF

A company (rifles) started on there non-residential annual camp Cadet training att the Weekend Training Centre (WETC) Chilwell.

The 1st 2 days Saturday and Sunday were for the instructors to complete any more training in readiness to deliver all the lessons on there non-residential annual camp.

Today (Mon 23rd) sees A Company occupy the wooded area and Chilwell Detachment and nearby open space.Smiling blank stars getting used to building basha's and being under them, the weather was sunny adding to the feel good to be back on a strange but good annual camp so far. The Cadets broke into 2 sections, 1 section learning all important First Aid, the 2nd taking on board skill at arms and air rifle shooting, once again the weather was in their favour sunny all day.

All training taking place was within guidance.

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