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A Company - Summer Camp News!

It’s been a great few days for A Company, who are first this year trying out our new Summer Camp Programme.

A Company - Summer Camp News!

28 July 2021

  • Gwent And Powys ACF

We’re Back!

Despite the weather being a little damp (well, we are in Wales after all!), A Company are loving being back to face-to-face fun in the field!

So far, they’ve managed to pack in Foot Drill, PT, Command Tasks and Stem before getting down to the nitty gritty of fieldcraft out on the training area. They’ve also been taking full advantage of the new troop shelters and amphitheatre that were constructed during the recent restrictions. Perfect timing!

This morning they have been completing the last elements of their fieldcraft training, refreshing and developing the practical skills that they haven’t been able to use much in the last 18 months. This afternoon sees them getting to grips with Navigation and Expedition Training before a whole day of adventurous pursuits tomorrow! They are really looking forward to that!

See if you can spot our new Cadet RSM in the pics - she’s hiding in there somewhere…

Thank you to Lt Rachel Jones-Morris and team for the photographs!