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A Company

A Company goes to the Rifles Cup

A Company

20 September 2021

  • Nottinghamshire ACF

A Company Cadets from different detchments took part in the Rifles Cup over the weekend (18-19th Sept), it's been quite a wait till the competion has returned. It's an hard challenging but exciting weekend, it's ran by the Rifles Regiment so always plenty to learn from them.

The Rifles Cadet Cup 2021 was held at Swynerton it was supposed to be just northen Rifles cap badged cadets, but cadets were invited nationally at the southern competition had to be cancelled.

The cadets spent Saturday being taught infantry tactics from regular serving soldiers from the Rifles Regiment.

They covered things such as urban and rural contact drills, battle field first aid, navigation skills and about various IED/mines and how to sweep for and find them when patrolling.

They were then tested on all of their skills on Sunday where they had to complete stands such as command tasks, theory tests and a casivac situation where they came under fire whilst dealing with casualties.

The team worked hard and it paid off as they placed third overall in the competition. Absolutley fantastic acheivement from the team.

CPL Chamberlain, section IC - Chilwell Detachment

All around really good engagement from the cadets and paired with the really good teaching from the Rifles Regiment. I enjoyed the rural contact stand the most.

I felt really confident with the team I was in charge of and everyone was really supportive of eachother and of me.