A Chat with B Coy's training Officer

Captain Les Bishop has been in Essex ACF for A long time! he took the chance during AC22 to talk a little about his time in the ACF

A Chat with B Coy's training Officer

15 August 2022

  • Essex ACF

In 1968 Les Started Military life as a 'Boy Soilder' Before Joining 29 Army Commando Royal Artillery. During his time with the Commando's he served in a number of locations including Malta and Norway. He took part in Parachute training, Artic Training and a whole host of other disciplines.

When he left the Army he became a fire fighter in 1977 and stayed in the fire service until he retired in 2004. He felt a need to be back in green though......

...... So in 1981 he joined the ACF as an instructor, making him one of the longest serving volunteers in Essex ACF. He originally wanted to Volunteer with the Royal Marine Cadets but found himself at Harlow New town as a new volunteer. In just four months Les had become the Detachment commander and stayed with B Company until 2006.

In 2006 Les moved to a role at County HQ, where he took post as assistance county training officer. Later he returned to B Company as the Company Commander. Before returning to county to head of the Adult training team.

In 2017 Major Bishop officially retired from the ACF. He was dined out after Annual Camp in Castlemartin. He soon felt the itch and came back as a non-unformed Volunteer assisting with welfare' at annual camps.

Two years Later at Warcop in 2019 he was asked if he would go back into uniform and Join B Company again as their training officer. He gladly accepted and returned as Captan Bishop. He says he had always been pleased to work with the young people of Essex.

Captain Bishop has Particularly enjoyed the Adventures training and Biking at AC22 and has been enjoying the 'Buzz' of camp, he says its the people that make it!