A Busy 3 months for First Aid

Our County First Aid Training Officer and Assistant Medical Support Officer explains what she has been doing at camp and how she got our county's instructors ready for camp with help from her team.

A Busy 3 months for First Aid

2 August 2021

  • Essex ACF

Since may, our First Aid training team have traveled the length and breadth of Essex. To make sure that our adults are up to date with First Aid best practice and able to provide care when needed to our cadets.

Our First Aid Officer, Captain Thompson said her aim was "to train as many CFAV as possible and help the county return to normality in it's training". She is confident that from her use of blended learning, featuring online and Covid secure face to face sessions she managed to reach out with the help of her team to most of our CFAVs. This has seen over 50 instructors qualifying with at least First Aid At Work standard, which has enabled detachments to reopen. Captain Thompson had to work hard to adapt a lot of the training in order to be Covid safe.

Since our cadets have returned to training she has continued to be busy, getting ready to support Annual Camp.

On arrival at camp she took the mantle of Medical Support Officer, as well as overseeing LFT's for the duration of residential camp activities and maintaining the Covid secure environment of our CTC.

There has been no adult First Aid training at camp. Although she has kept busy being attached to the Sergeant's cardre, where she has got involved with adventure training, navigation training, range work and skill at arms. For the latter part of camp she is looking forward to being in the field.

Her highlight of camp has been "seeing human faces again and restarting old friendships". She has found the past year to be a struggle, although has been grateful for the virtual offerings the ACF had provided. But she was something of an inspiration herself to the cadets during that time, when she raised awareness of the effects the pandemic could have on cadet's mental health. She found and signposted the cadets to many good resources during that time.

Captain Thompson wants to thank her team for their efforts over the duration on the pandemic. Especially SSI G Morris and County HQ staff for facilitating training, often at last minute.

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