2 Coy Cadets raise money for homeless veterans

2 Coy Cadets raise money for homeless veterans

27 March 2023

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

Cambridgeshire ACF places a lot of emphasis on supporting veterans, as well as encouraging young people to volunteer and to put others before themselves. On Saturday 4th March, five Cambridgeshire cadets camped out in the grounds of our Cadet Training Centre, Waterbeach, to raise money for homeless veterans.

They were: Cdt Sgt Aimee Corby and Cdt Poppy Dixon of Huntingdon Detachment, and Cdt Cpl Amber Tidbury, Cdt Joe Tait, and Cdt Lilly Varley of Chesterton Detachment.

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Cdt Sgt Corby & Cdt Dixon.

Cdt Sgt Aimee Corby was inspired to organise the sleep-out after reading on the internet about the plight of homeless veterans. She saw an appeal for The Great Tommy Sleep Out, a Royal British Legion fundraising challenge designed to support the estimated 6,000 veterans that are experiencing homelessness in the UK right now. Realising she wanted to take part, she asked her friend, Cdt Dixon, if she would also take part. Cdt Dixon was enthusiastic and invited cadets at Chesterton Detachment also, bringing in the other three.

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The four girls who took part.

Cdt Sgt Corby said: “I wanted to help veterans who have no nice shelter, to be a bit warmer.”

Cdt Dixon said, “When Aimee told me about it, I knew I wanted to help out, and give it a go, so I contacted Facebook friends and asked them to donate. I appreciate what veterans have done for our country. Its unfair that they are cold and uncomfortable. I wanted to help them out because they have helped us out.”

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Putting up the tents.

Although the night wasn’t comfortable due to rain and bitter cold, the cadets still enjoyed the experience. Cdt Dixon said: “It was really enjoyable. I didn’t know all the other cadets, so it was good to meet new people. We didn’t get a lot of sleep- we stayed up late talking. The other cadets were really nice and we all got on really well. It got very cold during the night, and there was a point in the early hours where I regretted not bringing more blankets! It helped us to appreciate what homeless veterans might experience.”


Eating cold pizza and making new friends.

Cpl Tidbury said: "Despite the cold weather, I really enjoyed the Tommy Sleepout knowing that what we were doing was raising money for such a great cause". Cadet Varley agreed, saying “It was a pleasure doing this with some of my closest cadet friends - and all for those in need".

All the cadets agreed they had made new friends and had fun, whilst also raising an impressive £470. You can still donate at: https://www.justgiving.com/tea...

Text by SI Doug Stuart with SI Emily White

Photos by SI Doug Stuart, SI Emily White and SSI Lloyd Lester