2 Company Pre-Camp

2 Company Pre-Camp

29 June 2022

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

Over 160 cadets came together to attend 2 Company’s pre-annual camp this June. A wide range of training took place, covering the Cadet Syllabus levels, basic through to three star, across various syllabus subjects.


Cadets on the fieldcraft exercise.

Before any training, presentations and promotions from Major Annis took place. Promotions were given to several cadets, ranging from L/Cpl through to Sgt. Additionally lots of DofE certificates were awarded at Bronze and Silver level.


Rifle Drill

Our basic training cadets arrived on Saturday morning and had 2 jam-packed days of training. Cadets took part in Skill at Arms training on the Scorpion Air Rifle, Basic PT training, Drill and Turnout, Military Knowledge, First Aid and Fieldcraft.


Air rifle shooting

Our One star cadets were split into two main groups, the Fieldcraft group and the Skill at Arms group. Fieldcraft training began as cadets were taught the fundamentals of occupying and maintaining a harbour area. This allowed the cadets to live and work in a field environment. They had to put up their own Bashas, cook their ration packs and prepare themselves and their equipment for the following day's exercise. In preparation for the exercise, the Cadets were taught a variety of lessons from duties of a sentry and leading on to range cards and judging distances also.


Getting comfortable in the field.

The One Star Skill At Arms Cadets were introduced, for the first time, to the L98 A2 Cadet GP rifle. The cadets were taught everything they need to know about the rifle (Rifle lessons 1 to 9) including the parts of, striping and assembling the rifle, and safety drills.


Meal time.

The Two Star Cadets enhanced their fieldcraft knowledge by practicing their tactical movements, obstacle crossing and patrolling skills. These seniors also covered types of orders, including Full Battle Orders.


The fieldcraft exercise at RAF Barnham.

The cadets used their new-found skills and knowledge in a fieldcraft exercise at RAF Barnham on Sunday. The Two Star cadets came under fire after receiving intel that there were troops in the area defending the water tower (the One Star Cadets). The basics and one star Cadets continued their Skill at Arms training on the Sunday. Sunday came to a close as cadets return to CTC Waterbeach for tidy up and final parade.


LCpls L Adams, B Adams & Cpl Greeney's birthdays.

Text by SI Emily White