2 Company at Annual Camp

2 Company at Annual Camp

28 July 2021

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

Like Cadets from No.1 Company, Cadets from No.2 (Cromwell) Company have spent two days at the Stanford Training Area, Thetford, taking part in the adventurous activities on offer, and one day at The Imperial War Museum, Duxford.

At Duxford, Cadets took part in navigation exercises and watched a demonstration of paratrooper equipment and a presentation by the airfield firefighting team.

Cdt Cpl Luke Annis after riding a motorcycle. Picture: PI Doug Stuart

2 Coy cadets motorcycling. Picture: Doug Stuart

A group of 2 Coy cadets pose after motorcycling. Picture: Doug Stuart

Cadet CSM Nelson crawls underneath a wire mesh on the obstacle course. Picture: PI Stuart

Cadet Corby on the obstacle course. Picture: Doug Stuart

A 2 Coy Cadet during a paintball exercise. Picture: Captain Tom Knights

Cadets in a Kata-Canoe, and Cdt RSM Badcock emerging from the water, Pictures: SSI White.

2 Coy cadets pose with a Spitfire, Duxford. Picture: Doug Stuart

Cadets including Cdt LCpl Dunn (right) look around the United States Air Force gallery. Pictures: Doug Stuart.

SI Lloyd Lester is presented with an award by his OC in front of the B17 at Duxford. The award was in recognition of his fundraising to restore another histroric aircraft, a C-47 Dakota which is the gate guardian at Merville Barracks. Picture: Doug Stuart.

A cadet handles a WW2 Sten Mk5 Submachine gun at the museum. Picture: PI Doug Stuart

2 Coy Cadets with the Duxford Airfield Firefighting Team. Picture: PI Doug Stuart.