1st (NI) Bn Cadets Enjoy the Signals Experience

Cadets Enjoy the trip to Blandford

1st (NI) Bn Cadets Enjoy the Signals Experience

11 February 2021

  • 1st Northern Ireland Battalion ACF

The year started well with a 2 Star Cadet Radio Users Course (CRU) held at Magilligan CTC in February 2020 with 9 adult instructors and 49 cadets attending, we had the help of an instructor from the 2nd NI Battalion and also a couple of cadets which we always welcome. During the CRU we did some training for the upcoming signals exercise Rolling Thunder, which was to take place in March 2020, luckily enough we got away to Blandford with 5 cadets from B coy and 3 adult staff who also act as directing staff for the exercise at Blandford.

On the way to Blandford the team stopped off at the National Memorial Arboretum as part of a Cadet in the Community visit and to pay our respect to all those that have served and payed the ultimate price during conflict throughout the world.

Cadets Visit Royal Signals Memorial

This year we decided to have the team made up from mainly signals badged cadets, but the exercise is open to any cadet from any detachment if you have completed the CRU course and preferably, the 3- and 4-Star Signalers’ course normally held at Easter Camp.

The team then headed to Blandford to compete in the 2-day exercise with the battalion being well placed. Cpl Anderson said” she enjoyed the exercise greatly meeting cadets from all over the UK and is looking forward to improving on the score next year.”

Then the Pandemic stuck; and all face-to-face training and activities had to stop with the national lockdown being enforced, this stopped our Easter Signals Camp from going ahead but hopefully those that had planned to attend this year will be first in line for 2021’s course.

We did have some good news over the lockdown with 3 cadets from B Coy completing a Cyber Adventurers Course on-line so congratulations to L/Cpls Alex Nolan, Ellie Nolan from Caw Detachment along with L/Cpl Aimee Gault, Limavady Detachment who are now Cyber aware.

Cpl’s McGowan and Anderson also attended The Headquarters of the Royal Signals at Blandford in Feb 2020 to do the Cyber First Defenders Course held over a week and taught by the Cadet Signals Training Team with Cpl McGowan saying, “that it was one of the best courses I have done with the cadets and I am really looking forward to going back to Blandford in the future.”

The team after the exercise with the attendance certificate.

The battalion CIS team look forward to welcome cadets and adults back onto the course being planned for 2021 and beyond, please speak to detachment commander if you are interested in becoming signals trained and do not forget that CIS can be used as part of your 4-star subject.