Cambs Cadet Awarded a Police Certificate for Intervention…

Cambs Cadet Awarded a Police Certificate for Intervention to Help a Vulnerable Person

31 October 2020

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

The Army Cadet Force places a great deal of emphasis on its Values and Standards, - codes of conduct that ensure our members maintain the highest standards of professionalism and personal behaviour, and ensure our cadets are a credit to the ACF and their communities. Cadet Corporal Sean Best of 2 Company St Neots Detachment is no exception.

On Wednesday 6th September he was walking past St Neots skate park when he noticed a man who was self-harming. Sean immediately went over and convinced him to stop, he then asked him if he wanted to speak to anybody on the phone. He replied that he wanted to speak to his Grandmother, and Sean lent him his phone so that he could speak to her. The man’s grandmother then also spoke to Sean, and asked him if he could escort the man home or call the police. As the man wouldn’t move, and started trying to harm himself again, Sean called the police, and continued to distract him from further self-harm until they arrived and took the man back to the care home from which he had been reported missing.

On 26th October he was awarded a Good Work Certificate by the Police for ‘his quick thinking and compassion to a vulnerable male’ and noted that his achievement was all the more extraordinary as he is only 16 years old.

Sean has been in the ACF for 4 years, and during that time has consistently demonstrated the organisation’s Values and Standards. In this incident he showed Values, not only Courage (in approaching someone who might behave unpredictability), but also Selfless Commitment to Others and Respect for Others. He said; ‘I love the ACF’s Values and Standards, it has helped me deal with situations that I would not normally deal with.’

St Neots Army Cadet Detachment Instructor Sgt Dale Irving said; ‘Sean is an absolute credit to his detachment, and we cannot express how proud the whole of the detachment is of him.’ Sgt Irving went on to site another example of Corporal Best showing care and consideration to others. ‘I do also recall another incident at detachment whereby his first aid skills excelled; a cadet had fallen and sustained a leg wound. Within what felt like seconds, Cpl Best had appeared next to me with the detachment first aid kit and was handing me the appropriate equipment. He then unprompted retrieved a sleeping bag from stores and used it make sure the casualty was warm, to prevent shock. His first aid skills are second to none.’

Cpl Best feels very positive about his recent experience; ‘I feel very happy, but I did it to help someone in need, as I would like to think someone else would help me if I was in that position.’

He is now leaving Cambs ACF and joining the army. He says; ‘I am following in my dad‘s footsteps by joining the Royal Anglian Regiment.’ He starts training on 8th November.

Sgt Irving said; ‘Sean leaves us shortly to start basic training at Catterick. We wish him the best of luck in his new career, he will be greatly missed at detachment.’

Text by PI Doug Stuart