1 Coy Training Weekend

1 Coy Training Weekend

31 October 2022

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

On 22nd-23rd October, cadets from Number 1 (Hereward) Company enjoyed a training weekend at Waterbeach Cadet Training Centre involving a variety of activities.

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Learning to handle the L98A2 rifle.

Basic cadets completed military subjects which included drill and turn out, military knowledge, first aid and other subjects. This means that these cadets have now completed the fundamental basics of being a member of the Army Cadet Force.

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Fieldcraft training.

There was a 1 Star Skill at Arms cadre, where cadets learnt how to use a rifle correctly, learnt about how it works and finally completed their Weapon Handling Test. This means that those cadets will now be able to use their skills safely when on a field craft weekend.

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Making models to show different types of terrain.

Cadets taking part in 1 star navigation and expedition training learnt how to read maps, some for the first time, and be able to navigate a route and create route cards. On Sunday they completed their expedition walk.

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Major Stewart plays a casualty.

The 2 Star expedition, Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s award and navigation cadets enjoyed gaining more in-depth knowledge on map reading, how to orientate the map correctly to the ground, and learning about the more complicated features on the maps.

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The weather was good on Saturday and the tents were pitched outside, where cadets spent the night. Sunday’s weather was difficult due to the rain, however all cadets managed to carry on and complete their walks.

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Adult refresher training.

A huge congratulations to all the cadets for their achievements over the weekend. Thank you also to the adult volunteers, without whom training could not take place, and to those who attended adult training on Friday night to ensure that skills were kept up to date.

Text and photos by Capt Bradbury, 1 Company Training Officer