1 Company Pre-Camp

1 Company Pre-Camp

8 July 2022

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

No 1 (Hereward) Company enjoyed their Pre-Camp on 1st- 3rd July. The weekend's training involved 98 cadets and 20 adults, who were split into 3 Cadres, Basic, which had 47 Cadets, 1 Stars, which had 32 Cadets and 2/3 Stars, with 19 Cadets.

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The weather was beautiful on Saturday when everyone arrived at the STANTA training area, Thetford. Once they had been split into their groups, training started. The Basics learning how to build their sleeping areas, bashas and learned about how to live in the field. Throughout the weekend were also taught ‘how things are seen’ and how to cook and eat, amongst other lessons.

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1 Star Cadets listen to fieldcraft lessons.

The 1 Star Cadets moved into their harbour area, recapped on some basic lessons and were then issued their weapons and learned how to look after them, patrol and get ready for Sundays exercise which consisted of defending a harbour area and Section in Defence.

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The 2 Star Cadets had a walk to their harbour area, where they were taught how to occupy it correctly and were then issued with weapons ready for their first exercise of the weekend.

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Adopting a defensive position.

The exercise phase started on Saturday evening, where a slight shower did not dampen spirits. An ambush was prepared, which gave some of the instructors the chance to get involved as well. Instructors were given their brief by the Exercise Conducting Officer, then the ambush started.

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The Cadets had the opportunity to complete a search of the adults, looking for information for Sundays exercise. This consisted of the Senior Cadets attacking positions the 1 Star Cadets had set up, however the 1 Star Cadets were too strong for the Seniors and they had to withdraw from the attack.

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Moving through a smoke-screen during the exercise.

Once the Cadets had finished their exercise, weapon cleaning started and then the final pack up and clean up of the area commenced before the coaches arrived to take Cadets home. Some very tired Cadets and adults, however they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

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A Section of 1 Star Cadets.

Text by Captain Heather Bradbury.

Pictures by Captain Heather Bradbury and SSI Adrian Johnson.