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Nottinghamshire ACF Pre-Annual Camp

Beckingham Camp Lincolnshire

Nottinghamshire ACF Pre-Annual Camp

17 June 2023 - 18 June 2023

Beckingham Training Camp

  • Nottinghamshire ACF

Essential to newer Cadets, Pre-Annual Camp 23 gives newer Cadets the opportunity to experience two nights away from home and a taster to Annual Camp 23. The Camp is aimed at newer Cadets and not those Cadets who have already attended an Annual Camp.

Beckingham Training Camp located 5 miles east of Newark and offers Cadets the opportunity to carry out Field Craft training on the estate. The area is ideal for Cadets and with several forestry blocks and disused Farms, it gives Cadets the opportunity to practice their skills from patrolling, navigation and setting up harbour areas.

Feeding is provided from the in Camp Cookhouse and may be by Container.

Accommodation is basic in camp, with blocks for between 10-20 Cadets. Bedding is not provided.

Full kits lists and training programs will be made available by your Detachment Commander.

  • Beckingham camp
  • DSC 0168

    Constructing a Basha Lesson from a Senior Cadet

  • DSC 0154

    Patrolling Lesson

  • DSC 0144

    Patrolling Lesson

  • DSC 0133

    Fieldcraft lessons

  • DSC 0182
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