March in March

Army Cadet Sports has set up a Walking Challenge in partnership with Army Cadets Healthy Minds and Combat Stress.

March in March

1 March 2021 - 31 March 2021

Anywhere of your choosing

  • 2nd Battalion The Highlanders ACF


1. The aim of this event is to provide all Army Cadets and CFAVs an opportunity to get involved in keeping active and help build an esprit de corps and to have fun while keeping fit but raising awareness of Army Cadet Healthy Minds.


2. This event is a walking challenge which raises awareness for healthy minds within the Army Cadets and Combat Stress ( The March in March is a national campaign to serve those who served us by organising a walk to raise awareness for a great charity.

3. The main aim of the challenge is for everyone to walk 10 Miles in March but a parallel benefit would be to raise awareness of the Army Cadets through national and regional publicity which will help with retention and recruiting. This will also help cadets focus on a healthy lifestyle and the awareness of Healthy Minds.

4. You can complete the challenge at any time in March! How and where is completely up to you, which means the event can be adjusted to your own personal challenge – walk ten miles in one day, beat your personal best by running 10 miles as fast as possible or do it indoors on a treadmill.

5. Combat Stress has plenty of ideas, hints, tips, downloads, and words of advice in their fundraising pack plus other useful downloadable resources to help you reach your March in March goal. Assets include:

  • Fundraising guide
  • March in March email signature
  • A variety of March in March social badges
  • Walking guides with some fantastic routes provided by the National Trust.

6. As there’s no fundraising target for March in March, but we encourage everyone to think big and raise as much as they can! You should be rewarded for your efforts and combat stress have kindly agreed for some amazing rewards.

  • Raise £50 and receive a Combat Stress pin badge
  • Raise £100 and receive a Combat Stress T-shirt
  • Raise £250 and receive a Combat Stress neck warmer
  • Raise £500 and receive a Combat Stress hoodie

Visit page for full access.

7. The rules for the challenge are shown below and must be adhered to especially the social distancing and safety:

  • Permission and Safety of the walkers are under the conditions set by the parent or carer
  • Social distancing guidelines MUST be adhered too by local Government Guidelines.
  • All efforts will be counted.
  • Road safety is down to the Individual walker and MUST obey all road traffic laws if using or crossing roads.
  • You are encouraged to walk with another member of the same household.

8. Don’t forget to use social media to support your walks and please use the following Hashtags #VirtualACF #MarchinMarch please also tag @ArmyCadetsUK, @armycadetsport, @CFHealthyMinds, @CombatStress