E Company prepare for expedition season virtually

Over the weekend of 27 & 28 February, E Company gathered virtually for their second training weekend in 2021.

E Company prepare for expedition season virtually

27 February 2021 - 28 March 2021


  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

E Company once again came together to finish off the current training year with a virtual training weekend, which aimed to prepare the Cadets and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers for when the UK comes out of lockdown and expeditions can take place once again.

The junior cadets spent the weekend going through Expedition and Navigation theory lessons, while the senior cadets had a weekend focused Field Craft weekend with SMI Zara Thorpe from A Company who volunteered to assist during the weekend.

  • Feb wekeend 1 star exped 3

    1 Star Exped Debrief

  • Feb wekend 2 star EXPED

    2 Star Exped - Public Rights Of Way

  • Feb wkend 2 star Nav 2

    2 Star - Parts Of A Compass

  • Feb wkend 3 star FC 2

    3 Star Formal Orders

  • Feb wkend 3 star fc 4

    3 Star Sequence Of Orders

  • Feb Wkend 3 star FC 5

    3 Star Sequence Of Orders - C&S

  • Wargames seniors

    War Games!

/ 7

The Commandant of Humberside and South Yorkshire, Colonel Steve Emerson visited the weekend, where he spent time updating members of E Company on future plans, projects and events for the County.

Comdts Address 1

Commandant's Address

Saturday afternoon saw guest speakers from The OddBalls Foundation and Clic Sargent join E Company to talk about Testicular Cancer and the work both organisations to do support people and their families with Cancer.

  • ODDBALLS presentation 1




  • ODDBALLS Pres 3

    About OddBalls Foundation

  • Oddballs Pres 4

    Cancer Definition

  • Oddballs Pres 6

    Will from OddBalls speaking to the cadets

/ 5

Sunday started with a thought-provoking service from Padre Ivan, who gave thanks not only for us but for the NHS and Captain Sir Tom Moore and all his selfless acts over the last year as he was laid to rest this weekend.

What a super weekend it was, it was a pleasure to be part of it, and spend time in lessons with the various star levels and to be part of the games we played bringing the company together.

in the short service I led, we remembered Captain Sir Tome Moore, as an example of positivity in the face of adversity. Thank you for having me join you all weekend.

Padre Ivan
  • Padre 1

    Padre Opening Address

  • Padre 3

    Padre's words of reflection and remembrance

/ 2

Throughout the weekend, there were plenty of laughs in between the APC training, when all the training groups came together to play games and take part in STEM challenges.

The weekend was also Cadet CSM Chris Swales last company weekend as he ages out at the end of March, and to bring the activities to an end, he hosted a Kahoot quiz for the company, which was won by SMI Thorpe. Before, being virtually marched out of the company, which is a traditional way of the company saying goodbye to their senior cadets as they age out.

  • Coy Games 3

    Company Games

  • Guess who 2

    Guess Who?

  • CSM quiz

    The CSM Kahoot Quiz Begins

  • CSM quiz 5

    Final Score!

/ 4

E Company engaged with our second virtual weekend of 2021 – it was great to see an increase in the numbers of participants and the hard work from all the cadets and CFAV, this far into lockdown, its not going without recognition. I appreciate everything that my staff are doing both in front and behind the scenes which help make these Zoom sessions happen.

In the infamous words of B.B King “The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you” – I am certain that we all took something away from the weekend and I look forward to our next Company training session and keeping the flame alive.

A special thank you to our supporting CFAV Padre Howitt, SMI Thorpe and Lt Waldron-Lund, the Commandant, and the guest speakers from OddBalls and Clic Sargent.

Officer Commanding E Company, Major Kirk