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This is a walking or running challenge, the event to support Jordan Wylie’s challenge that will see him journey across the frozen Arctic and Antarctic oceans to run marathons on the North Pole and South Poles in order to raise awareness for the Matthew Bacon Bursary.


1 August 2021 - 31 August 2021


  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

The August challenge is open to individuals and you can choose to either walk or run, or for those who wish to set a goal you can set a target distance.

All of which will be tracked and shown on the leader’s board on the website

The challenge will allow everyone to join Jordan Wylie on his 20,014km journey and fundraise as he trains for his polar challenges. Jordan will be using technology to connect everyone wherever they may be, whether that’s at home, in the gym or on top of the world, or the end of the earth like Jordan!

Everybody who signs up will also receive a digital Running Dangerously – The Polar Edition medal when they’ve completed their challenge and the Top 10 fundraisers will also receive an Army Cadets T-Shirt!

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How to get involved

This is an individual challenge where all cadets and CFAVs are to set up their own challenge and to compete where possible in their own time.

All walkers/runners are to sign up using the directions below

Registration: To register, use the button below, select the Army Cadet Force Association as your chosen charity and enjoy the challenge

Where to walk / Run: Anywhere of your choosing but must be with a parent/carer's consent and must be safe. You can always use as a great training tool that will help you plan a route in your local area.

When: Anytime between 01 – 31 Aug 2021

Fundraising target: There is no fundraising target, just do your best as the main aim is to keep active during the summer holidays.

Sign up!


The rules for the challenge are shown below and must be adhered to especially the social distancing and safety:

  • Permission and Safety of the walkers are under the conditions set by the parent or carer
  • Social distancing guidelines MUST be adhered to by local Government Guidelines.
  • All efforts will be counted.
  • Road safety is down to the Individual walker and MUST obey all road traffic laws if using or crossing roads.
  • You are encouraged to walk or run with another member of the same household.

It’s not without saying that this challenge will be fun and we look forward to seeing your spirit while keeping active for a great charity.

All cadets are responsible for their own safety while out walking/running and we encourage you to go with another member of the same household.

Good Luck and remember we are all in this together"