Cadet Corporal Williams Merseyside

Cadet Corporal Matthew Williams

Cadet Corporal Matthew Williams

25 February 2021

  • Cadet

My name is Cadet Matthew Williams and I joined the Army Cadets when I was 12. I saw my brother preparing for a Remembrance Day, in his number 2 uniform. He looked so proper and ceremonial, I wanted to be the same way – so I knew I had to join.

I enjoy cadets because we do so many different activities. Whether I am parading in Lithuania or doing first aid in Crosby, Merseyside, the cadet experience is one which I cherish for all the good times it’s given me and skills that I have learnt.

Cadets has also been a great opportunity for me to grow as a person. It has challenged me, but in a good way. I joined Cadets with a very different mindset, but since being here, I’ve become a stronger individual and better leader.

The ACF is a fun place too, I've done things here that I never thought would have, been to places that I’d never heard of and met friends I’ll never forget.

I met my best friend in cadets. We hated each-other initially, but at the end of our first camp together we had bonded, through adversity and by the start of the next camp we were getting along perfectly. We are still in contact despite him no longer being in cadets and we go camping together frequently.

The Army Cadets is, in a word; different. I have a new task every parade night, a different responsibility, different activities every camp. Different uniforms to other youth groups, different mentality, different type of person.