Brand Centre help

Who is this site for?

The ACF brand centre is for ACF adult volunteers, ACF permanent employees, ACFA and RFCA employees, MOD personnel and supervised senior cadets. It has been created to allow you to create and personalise your own resources to promote the ACF, adding local information and contact details.

Why use the templates?

We have examined our own and our competitors' communications in detail to work out what makes the Army Cadets unique. We also consulted almost 1,000 cadets, volunteers, parents and stakeholders from around the UK to make sure that our language and key messages resonate with them. The templates use our 'tried and tested' language and images and are quick and easy to use. Using them you can create a professional looking poster or recruitment leaflet, which includes your local details, in minutes. All you need to do is add a few of your own details to personalise them.

Publicity materials are all about impact. Most members of the public don't notice details such as cap badges, so it's better to use a really engaging, high-quality image rather than a local one that doesn't have the same immediate appeal.

There is no charge for you to create the materials in PDF format and print them on your home or office printer. If a large number of copies is required, it will be more economical for you to take the completed digital file to a local printer.

You don’t have to stare at a blank sheet of paper and create a design from scratch, or spend money on design work or specialist software. You are freed up to get on with what you joined the ACF to do.

Your local resources will have the same look and feel as national resources. The Army Cadets is one of the UK's best and biggest youth organisations and powerful, professional and effective communications will help us to keep up with, and stand out from, our competitors.

About our brand

Our identity is important. It affects how people think and feel about the Army Cadet Force. The messages we deliver via our communications are extremely important. Our branding is made up of words, actions, images, videos, logos, colours and design elements that help people to recognise and understand what we do. It also helps reinforce our image as a large voluntary youth organisation offering adventure, fun and friendship to over 41,000 cadets supported by 9,500 adults.

You can find out more about the visual brand or to get a copy of our guidance on 'talking about the ACF' in this section of the Brand Centre.

The importance of branding

Whenever the ACF marketing identity is used for purposes of promoting recruitment opportunities to the community at large, the proper look and feel should always be applied. A strong and recognisable brand identity is an essential marketing tool for success in today’s competitive marketplace for all kinds of organisation.

As opportunities for interaction between the ACF and the general public continue to grow, recognition and familiarity of the recruiting brand image becomes increasingly important.