During these times of social distancing and owing to the current lack of competition across the Army Cadets, there is a gap that can be filled by virtual racing. Virtual racing allows individuals to compete against one another but in a safe way that conforms with local government’s current social distancing guidelines.

To that end, Army Cadet Sports has set up a virtual Cross-Country Competition that is open to all Army Cadet personnel. In addition to the competition, we will be supporting Sally Orange with her 10 marathons in 10 days challenge.


The aim of this event is to provide all Army Cadets an opportunity to get involved in sports and help build an esprit de corps and to have fun whilst keeping fit.


Participants are to ensure they familiarise themselves with the current restrictions and county training advice for sport especially regards to sport, cultural and recreational activities.


Competitors will be required to choose a cross country class that suits their age. The age classes/distances are agreed by the ACF Sports Board and are in line with UK Athletics. N.B. The age competition year for Cross Country runs from 31 Aug 2020. There will be NO event for under 13 competitors.




Class A

Boys under 15

Not less than 3.5km

Class B

Girls under 15

Not less than 3.5km

Class C

Boys under 17

Not less than 5km

Class D

Girls under 17

Not less than 5km

Class E

Males under 20

Not less than 6km

Class F

Females under 20

Not less than 6km

Class G

Senior Male

Not less than 6km

Class H

Senior Female

Not less than 6km

Competitors are to find a suitable park, recreation ground, athletics track, green space, public footpath or football pitch. It is advised that the terrain is as flat as practicable.

A route should be planned on a map and ensured that the distance is accurately measured in accordance with the participant’s class. There are many map apps available on smartphones, tablets or computers.

Once the route has been planned in kilometres, it is advised that it is walked in advance to check the distance.

Training should begin for the planned running route to ensure that the participant has a sufficient level of fitness to complete the distance to the best of their ability. All training sessions should be recorded as evidence using Strava. This evidence maybe checked on the competition day.

Competitors must apply to join their Regional Strava Club and their name will be checked on Westminster.

Regional Club Names

• HQRC Cadets Branch (HQ Regional Command)

• South West Region Sports (HQSW)

• North East Region Sports (4th Infantry Brigade and HQ North East)

• North West Region Sports (HQNW)

• West Mids Region Sports (11th Signal Brigade and HQ West Mids)

• Eastern Region Sports (7th Infantry Brigade and HQ East)

• London Region Sports (LONDIST)

• South East Region Sports (11th Infantry Brigade and HQ South East)

• Northern Ireland Region Sports (38th (Irish) Brigade)

• Scotland Region Sports (51st Infantry Brigade and HQ Scotland)

• Wales Region Sports (160th (Welsh) Brigade)

1The competition Strava evidence will be live between 12 -18 October 20 with the 18 Oct being the cross-country competition day.

Any problems are to be reported to the individual’s County Sports Officer or Regional Sports Adviser.

On competition day, a time should be chosen that suits the individual to run their route whilst competing against the rest of the Army Cadets.

Strava evidence must be uploaded to the competitor’s account on 18 Oct 20 no later than 1600hrs, and the results will then show within the regional Strava club.

Sally Orange will be running 10 marathons in 10 days and our competition falls in the middle of her challenge. Participants are encouraged to share their daily runs to support her. Sally’s social media handles and hashtags are: @sally0range and #sally0range


The rules for the competition are shown below and must be adhered to, paying particular attention to the social distancing and safety:

  • Permission and safety of the runner are under the conditions set by the parent or guardian.
  • The running routes must be evidenced using Strava.
  • Social distancing guidelines MUST be adhered to, following local Government Guidelines.
  • Only one effort completed between 0800 – 1600hrs on 18 October 20 will be counted.
  • Road safety is to be adhered to by the individual and runners MUST obey all road traffic laws.
  • All runners are to take great care whilst running off road.

Competitors are encouraged to run with another member of the same household.

Competition Prizes

National medals will be awarded for the fastest national runners and competitor badges will awarded to cadets who have submitted evidence of competing on 18 October 20.


Be aware that when uploading Strava data, the start location will be visible. In order to ensure that cadet personnel are not giving details of their home location then all runners are advised to begin their run one mile away from their home address. Guidance would be to warm up without Strava on and then start Strava at the beginning of the run and to end the run a similar distance away from a home location. Privacy zones can also be set on Strava to hides the start/finish location of a run around a specified area.


All cadets are responsible for their own safety while out running and are encouraged to go running with another member of the same household. Running Safety Tips (Annex A) should be read and understood before setting out on a run.

Speak to your battalion/county/sector Sports Officer for more information.