Inland Kayak Intermediate

Inland Kayak Intermediate

13 August 2023 - 18 August 2023

CCAT Capel Curig

  • Paddlesport

This Inland Kayak Intermediate (IKI) is a 5 day course delivered in a moving water environment (Grade 2). The course content includes clothing and equipment, access and conservation, river hazards and grading, weather, lifting, carrying and launching, efficient forward/reverse paddling, edging, and moving sideways, support strokes, breaking in/out, ferry gliding, group/self/deep water rescues, rolling and safety training.

Course fee: £40
Cadets aged 15+ and CFAVs
IKF or equivalent and Cadet Water Safety Test
Course Certification:
British Canoeing Whitewater Award
ACS21: Three/Four Star Adventurous Training
Gold Residential

Please speak to your detachment or contingent commander if you are interested in attending this course.