Ex Dive Safari Challenger - Sub-Aqua Lanzarote

Ex Dive Safari Challenger - Sub-Aqua Lanzarote

18 October 2024 - 27 October 2024

National Expeditions

  • Sub-Aqua Expedition

Date. 18 - 27 Oct 24.

Location. UK (Lancashire) and Lanzarote.

Description. Exercise Dive Safari Challenger is a Sub Aqua expedition delivered in conjunction with Safari Diving. Taking place partly in the UK and in the seas surrounding the island of Lanzarote. Participants will form up at CCAT Halton, Lancaster where they will undertake a local try dive and a package of online theory training before transferring by road and air to Lanzarote to complete the practical elements of the PADI Open Water Award. Participant will have a non-dive day at the end of the expedition which will allow for local sightseeing before returning to Halton for administration and onward travel to home locations. This exercise will comprise of 18 Cadets and 6 CFAVs.

Prerequisites. All participants must be able to honestly and successfully completed the PADI Medical Questionnaire. Do not apply if you have any known medical conditions, illness or injury that could cause you or others further harm, injury, or an incident. Cadets must be at least 15 years old, hold ACS 3 star and have completed the CF Water Safety Test. CFAV applications are welcomed from both novice and qualified dive leaders.

Personal Contribution. £600.

Please speak to your detachment or contingent commander if you are interested in attending this course.