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Ex Solent Challenger - Sailing UK

Ex Solent Challenger - Sailing UK

27 August 2023 - 2 September 2023

National Expeditions

  • Sailing

This is a 7 day sailing expedition delivered in conjunction with the Tall Ships Trust. Two Challenger 76 ex around the world racing yachts will depart from Portsmouth on 27 Aug 23 each with a crew on 10 Cadets and 2 CFAVs heading out into the Solent and beyond to the Channel Islands and across to France. Participants will have the opportunity to visit the WWII Normandy beaches, Pegasus Bridge and the British Normandy Memorial before returning to home port on Sat 02 Sep 23. Participants will crew the yachts carrying out all the duties required to ensure the vessels work safely and efficiently day and night. This will include helming the vessel, setting the sails, navigating, anchor watch and working in the galley preparing meals for the whole crew.

Please speak to your detachment or contingent commander if you are interested in attending this course.