Be the star of our recruitment campaign

We all know that when it comes to fun, friendship and achievement, nothing comes close to the Army Cadets.

We want other young people to realise this too. So the Army Cadet Force is looking to feature some great, motivating cadet photos in our posters, leaflets and online adverts that will be used to encourage more young people to be interested in joining the Army Cadets.

And what could be more motivating to them than seeing what it's like to be a cadet. What kind of things do we mean? Well maybe:

  • The time when you reached that goal you were aiming for
  • On your first day at camp
  • When you won a race at sport
  • When you faced up to a big fear or challenge and came up smiling
  • When you took part in the most exciting event you can remember
  • When you got your top score at shooting
  • When you had the best time ever with your mates

Anything you like. But something that was special to you and that is captured in the selfie shot you submit.

To enter you'll need to post the selfie on Facebook with the hashtag #ACFstar together with the story behind the photo or occasion when the selfie was taken.

Things that we will take into account when choosing the final images:

1. The aesthetics of the selfie itself.

Is the light OK? Is it reasonably clear and in focus? Does it capture the attitude of the moment?

2. The story behind the selfie

What you have written to accompany the selfie shot. Does it reflect something that might interest others in the idea of being a cadet?

Get your entry in by the 31st March. We will be offering up to 5 prizes of £50 for winners. So come on, give us you best ACF selfie and post it on Facebook using the #ACFstar.

Some important notes:

1. To enter you will need to have a Facebook account of your own (which means you will need to be 13 or over).
2. If you are shortlisted as a potential winner will need to get a parent’s approval for us to use the selfies.

That’s it. So go to it! Be a star with your ultimate ACF selfie!

Please make sure you read the full list of terms and conditions of the competition.