Master Cadet Course

Established in 1989, the aim of the Master Cadet Course is to broaden and develop further the leadership, instructional and administrative responsibilities of 4-star cadets, with the intention of making better use of their abilities.  It also encourages the retention of senior cadets by giving them something to strive for beyond 4-star.


Successful completion of the Master Cadet Course qualifies cadets for consideration for appointment as a Master Cadet.  Appointment as a Master Cadet is at the discretion of the ACF County Commandant.


The course is open to all 4-star cadets who have completed Fieldcraft as a progressive subject and have qualified on the Senior Cadet Instructors' Cadre (SCIC).  Students are to be at least 16½ years old and at the minimum rank of Sergeant.

Arrival documentation

Candidates must arrive with an in-date Weapon Handling Test (WHT) Certificate on the Cadet GP (General Purpose) Rifle L98A2 and, where possible, the LSW (Light Support Weapon), L86A2.

Handy hint

To give you the best chance of succeeding on the Master Cadet Course, as well as having completed the SCIC successfully, Fieldcraft should be passed as a progressive subject, if not already covered as part of 4-star.  You should revise the "Orders" process.