Skill At Arms Course

The aim of this course is to produce Cadet Force Adult Volunteer (CFAV) Skill-at-Arms (SAA) Instructors.  Training and revision will also be conducted in the Core Values and Standards, leadership and management issues and CFAV responsibility guidelines.  


Successful completion of the course qualifies CFAVs as Cadet Force SAA Instructors and for promotion from Sergeant Instructor to Staff Sergeant Instructor.


This course is open to both the CCF and ACF. Candidates must have attended the AIC or CCF Basic (Qualifying) course.

Arrival documentation

Students must arrive with in-date Weapon Handling Test (WHT) certificates for the Cadet GP L98A2.

Handy hint

Revise your Red Book (JSP 535, Cadet Training Safety Precautions) and get your county to help you prepare for the course.