King George VI Memorial Leadership Course (KGVI)

King George VI Memorial Leadership Course

The aim of these leadership courses is to study practical leadership and the planning and conduct of safe training involving blank ammunition and pyrotechnics at detachment and contingent levels.


Successful completion of the course qualifies the Officer or Adult Instructor as an Exercise Conducting Officer (ECO) and for promotion from Staff Sergeant Instructor to Sergeant Major Instructor in the ACF, and from Lieutenant to Captain in the CCF.


Candidates must have attended the Skill at Arms (SAA) Course or CCF Basic Course unless exempt due to previous Regular or Reserve service.

Arrival documentation

Candidtaes must arrive with in-date Weapon Handling Test (WHT) certificates for the Cadet GP L98A2 and L86A2 (LSW).

Handy hint

Make sure you know your way around the Red Book (JSP 535, Cadet Training Safety Precautions, particularly sections 28-33) and Pamphlet 21-C, the Regulations for Cadet Training with Weapons and Pyrotechnics pamphlet.


I want to join as

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