The Army

The ACF is proud to be sponsored by the British Army

The Army Cadet Force is sponsored by the British Army but it is not part of it and neither cadets nor adult volunteers are subject to military call-up. If a cadet expresses an interest in joining the Armed Forces, we will certainly help them find all the information and guidance they require, but there is absolutely no requirement or expectation that cadets will eventually choose to follow a military career. Those that do, however, find that their cadet experience has provided them with an excellent grounding and understanding of the work of the Armed Forces.

The Army's key responsibilities in relation to the Army Cadet Force are as follows:

  • Develop, implement and manage policy relating to the ACF, its training and discipline.
  • Provide equipment for training and support activities.
  • Provide the Cadet Training Centre Frimley Park.
  • Provide the Cadet Training Teams, which comprise members of the Regular Army whose primary role is to train the trainers in the ACF. Their secondary role is to train senior cadets as circumstances allow, and also to provide specialist trainers in areas such as Adventurous Training at annual camps.