ACFA Hardship Relief Fund

ACFA continues its support to our CFAVs...

The Army Cadet Force Association recognises that some ACF adult volunteers are struggling financially as a result of the UK wide COVID-19 lockdown. For some, financial hardship may act as a barrier to their return to ACF volunteer service when cadet training activity resumes.

In response the ACFA has established the ACFA Hardship Relief Fund to provide immediate short-term assistance to those ACF uniformed or non-uniformed volunteers, irrespective of rank, who are in a position of financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown.

We would typically look to give grants in the £200 to £500 range, but will consider grants up to a maximum of £2,250.

The fund is open immediately and will consider applications three times over the next six weeks. Given the urgent nature of this support, the application deadlines will be:

  • 0900hrs on Wednesday 29 April (Closed)
  • 0900hrs on Wednesday 13 May (Closed)
  • 0900hrs on Wednesday 27 May

To apply for funding from the ACFA, please download the application form here. Please submit all grant applications via email to Telephone applications are also available by calling 020 7426 8371.

Please ensure you read the fund guidelines fully before submitting your application. Guidelines can be downloaded here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. If successful, is there a requirement to pay back the monies received?

The support given is a grant and there is no requirement for the funds to be repaid unless they have been misused.

2. If successful, will my name be published anywhere as a recipient?

No, all grants are made confidentially. We may ask you if you want to give some information to illustrate the ways in which grants help people but any such information would be anonymized and only published with your express permission.

3. Are joint applications allowed?

Yes, joint applications are encouraged if you share a household with a fellow CFAV. Please ensure to provide the details of both CFAVs within the application form.

4. Are CFAVs allowed to apply for funding more than once?

If there is an additional need for financial support, then further applications from the same CFAV will be considered. For example, if the hardship is continuing over a longer period of time than first applied for, or if other unexpected costs arise. Applicants should provide a clear explanation of why a further application is necessary.