ACFA Hardship Relief Fund

ACFA continues its support to our CFAVs...

The ACFA Hardship Relief Fund has now closed.

A message from our Trustees:

"We are pleased to be able to share the results of the ACFA Hardship Relief Fund with you. The start of the COVID-19 lockdown seems a very long time ago. Back then our concern about the impact of the lockdown on the lives and volunteering of ACF adult volunteers led us to set up the Hardship Relief Fund. Since then we have been very fortunate to be able to give out grants and to help so many ACF adult volunteers.

Now to the results of the ACFA Hardship Relief Fund. The headlines are:

• We initially allocated £60,000 to the fund in April 2020, however we soon realised that this would be insufficient.

• By the close of the scheme we have given out £200,000 in grants.

• 220 ACF adult volunteers were given grants, which is 2.4% of our ACF adult volunteer community.

• Grants ranged from under £200 to the maximum of £2,250.

• 57% of applications received the full sum requested. 41% of applications received partial grants. Only 2% of applications did not receive a grant.

• Volunteers in every ACF county received grants. We are very pleased that we have been able to help all parts of the ACF across the entire UK.

We were also very grateful to those ACF adult volunteers who felt moved to donate to the fund. Although the Hardship Relief Fund has now closed and there are no immediate plans to extend it, it does seem to us that hardship will endure, so if you want to help by supporting future programmes please do consider donating to the ACFA here .

Stay safe."