The Regional Association is a sub-committee of the Army Cadet Force Association, London. Its responsibilities are as follows:

To represent the Army Cadet Force in Northern Ireland to the parent body.

To act as advisers to HQ Northern Ireland and other authorities on Army Cadet Force matters.

To represent the Army Cadet Force when dealing with the Northern Ireland Department of Education.

To foster the welfare, recreation and club life in the Army Cadet Force.

To establish liaison and co-operation with all youth organisations in Northern Ireland and other bodies connected with the youth movement.

To administer the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme in the Army Cadet Force.

To sponsor the Army Cadet Force Association (NI) Religious Advisory Panel.

To administer sport and competitions above Battalion level.

To raise funds for the purpose of welfare and sport.

To encourage membership of the parent body.

To make arrangements for publicity.

To distribute literature, encourage the sale of publications issued by the parent body and the use of the Cadet Supply Department.

The Army Cadet Force Association (Northern Ireland) receives an annual administrative grant from the Youth Council for Northern Ireland in respect of agreed expenditure incurred on administration. The work of the Association and the extent of its activities are entirely dependent on grants provided by the parent body and funds raised locally. Members are requested to encourage other interested parties to join the Association.